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Kane & Alessia Global Leaders In Live Event Production & Monetization

Scale your visibility. Scale your revenue. scale your business

Live Event Mastery is a combination of 30 years in live event experience to master presenting and producing live experiences and has culminated into programs and private advisory services to help business owners and entrepreneurs sell up their companies through stages

Kane Minkus

In Person


Scale Up Your business with High Converting Sales Events, Award Shows, Expos, Conferences or Galas


& Hybrid Events

Crush It with Virtual Summits, Challenges, Webinars and Livestreams
Kane Minkus
Kane Minkus

Get Booked

on Stages

Scale up your revenue and visibility by leveraging other people’s platforms and get booked on global, in person and virtual stages

Nail Your

Craft a world-class Keynote, high-converting Signature Talk or Million Dollar Pitch
Kane Minkus
Kane Minkus


Live Performance


Become a World Class Speaker and Rock the Stage

Monetize Your Event!

2500+ Live Events Globally

Use tested blueprints to Create an extraordinary live and A Financially Successful Event

$300MM+ Direct Sales Generated at Events

Design impactful High Converting products and sales Pitches to monetize your Sales events

Online Engage and Monetize

Get Advised by the top experts in virtual & Hyrbid events to extend your reach & revenue

32 Countries – 5 Continents – 2500+ Presentations
Kane & Alessia Global Leaders Gallery
Kane & Alessia Global Leaders Gallery

Kane & Alessia Minkus

Investors, Serial Entrepreneurs & Scale-up Advisors dedicated to teaching others their business secrets to succeed faster

After presenting live in front of over 3 Million professionals in 32 different countries, sharing the stages with the biggest Celebrities & thought leaders in stadiums as large as 20K participants, and having sold over $300MM of our own products and services, now you can follow the exact path that we used to go from our office to the world’s stages.

Scale Through Stages is a combination of 30+ years in live event experience to help Business Owners produce events and perform (on stage and in front of camera) in a way that can rapidly scale their visibility, revenue and overall valuation. Whether it’s by building your own event, getting booked on other stages, or focusing on delivering a memorable presentation, the wisdom of how to Scale Through Stages is all right here for you. 

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With Business & Thought Leaders, World-Class Influencers, and Industry Peers

Kane & Alessia have been personally invited to join or organized events for global brands such as Sir Richard Branson, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Frank Kern, Tim Ferriss, Les Brown, Kevin Harrington, Mike Koenigs, Lisa Nichols, John Assaraf, Roland Frasier, Dean Graziosi, and so many more.

Richard Brandson
Bill Clinton
Tony Robbins
Vishien Lakhiani

Go live to scale up your company and revenue!

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